Antarctic Octopus Living Testament To Global Warming

The octopus, formerly known as both a delicacy food item and for being thrown onto the ice at hockey games, now has a new recognition: a living testament to the effects of global warming. Genetic information from an Antarctic octopus species adds to a growing body of evidence of at … Seguir leyendo / Continue reading


Carbon Dioxide the Dominant Control on Global Temperature

Key Points: Because the water contained in land-based ice sheets is ultimately derived from the ocean, over long (geological) timescales global sea level is largely determined by global temperature and, consequently, the temperature-dependent volume of ice stored on land. Since the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (The Greenhouse Effect) exerts such a powerful influence on … Seguir leyendo / Continue reading

China Takes a Leading Role in Solving Climate Change

A few months ago we looked at some hopeful climate news, including Mexico passing comprehensive climate legislation nearly unanimously, and many other efforts from a variety of countries to reduce their carbon emissions. Ultimately the biggest emitters need to get on board as well.  China is often used as a scapegoat and excuse for inaction … Seguir leyendo / Continue reading

Reconciling Two New Cloud Feedback Papers

The role of clouds as a climate feedback – whether they amplify or dampen global warming, and by how much – is one of the largest remaining uncertainties in climate science.  Climate contrarians will often invoke the cloud feedback, claiming that they will dampen future global warming so much that … Seguir leyendo / Continue reading

The Japan Meteorological Agency temperature record

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) produce its own version of the instrumental temperature record, which has until recently received little attention.  NASA’s Climate365 put together a graphic to illustrate how little difference there is between the four primary global surface temperature datasets (Figure 1), but of course all the climatecontrarians took from this was that JMA’s data shows the least warming … Seguir leyendo / Continue reading

The Economic Damage of Climate Denial

When you start talking about economics, the eyes of many a climate science geek (present company included) begin to glaze over.  However, this is a critical subject.  When you ask a climate contrarian why they won’t support climate action just in case they are wrong about the science, the contrarians … Seguir leyendo / Continue reading